Jeffrey Wittmann, Ph.D. Child Custody Forensic Consultation
Jeffrey Wittmann, Ph.D.Child Custody Forensic Consultation

Seminars for Attorneys

The following represents a partial list of training options for attorneys.  Most are available in 90 minute, half-day, and full day formats.   National, state, or county-level bar associations are often the best venues for these topics although there is also an option for in-house teaching at law firms:


Evaluating Evaluations:  A Custody Report Analysis System for Attorneys


Controversies about Custody Evaluations:  Judicial Vigilance, Clinical Humility, and the boundaries of Competence.


Should Mental Health Professionals make Custody Recommendations?


How to Cross Examine Child Custody Evaluators.  


Mining the Gold in Unfavorable Child Custody Reports

A Basic Primer on Psychological testing in Child Custody Evaluations.


The Psychology of Effective Negotiation


The Psychology of Domestic Violence


The Psychology of Child Alienation

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